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Earth Bokashi 2kg

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🌱 Earth Bokashi 2kg - Unlock the Power of Pre-Composting! ♻️

Earth Bokashi is the essential additive which enables the pre-composting of food waste.


  • Essential additive for pre-composting food waste
  • Made with indigenous South African microbes
  • Manufactured using up-cycled materials
  • Balanced CN composting ratio for optimal results
  • Reduces fermentation odours
  • Compostable packaging for eco-friendly disposal


  • Efficiently pre-compost your food waste for a sustainable gardening practice
  • Harness the power of indigenous microbes for effective composting
  • Contribute to a greener future with up-cycled materials and eco-conscious manufacturing
  • Enjoy a pleasant composting experience with reduced fermentation odours
  • Embrace environmentally-friendly practices with compostable packaging

Feel the Transformation: Discover the secret to effortless and eco-friendly composting with Earth Bokashi 2kg. Our essential additive unlocks the power of pre-composting, allowing you to efficiently convert your food waste into rich compost. Made with indigenous South African microbes, this product ensures optimal composting results while reducing fermentation odours. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability, using up-cycled materials for manufacturing and providing compostable packaging. Feel the joy of contributing to a greener future as you nourish your garden with nutrient-rich compost created from your own kitchen waste. Join the movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle with Earth Bokashi 2kg.

🌱 Start your composting journey today and experience the transformative benefits of Earth Bokashi 2kg. Pre-composting made easy and eco-friendly! ♻️