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Worm Farm Compost Bag (25L) + Worm Starter Kit & Coir

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🌱 Transform Your Kitchen Scraps into Garden Gold with the Eco-friendly Worm Farm Compost Bag From UbuntuBerg! 🌿

25L Capacity UbuntuBerg Worm Farm Compost Bag

Kit Contains:
1 x 25L Up-Cycled Worm Farm Compost Bag
1 x Worm Starter Kits (+/- 250 Worms) - FREE Bonus
1 x 500g Coir Brick - FREE Bonus

Introducing the ultimate solution for sustainable home gardening – The UbuntuBerg Worm Farm Compost Bag. Perfect for eco-conscious gardeners, this innovative compost bag lets you convert everyday kitchen waste into rich, nutritious compost with ease.

The Worm Farm Compost Bag comes with a free starter kit of composting worms to kickstart your composting adventure. Designed with precision for vermiculture, the bag maintains optimal humidity and temperature, ensuring your worms thrive. Just add the worms, a bit of coir or some of your existing compost as bedding, and begin feeding them your kitchen scraps, shredded newspaper, and office paper. Top up with food and carbon-rich bedding like cardboard or paper every few days, and watch as your waste transforms into compost!

Crafted from up-cycled materials, our compost bags are not just garden-friendly, they’re planet-friendly too. Proudly manufactured in South Africa by local artisans, each purchase supports local communities, making our Worm Farm Bag a truly sustainable choice.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our Worm Farm Compost Bag is the perfect addition to your gardening toolkit. Easy to use and wonderfully efficient, it’s time to give back to the earth and enrich your soil with home-made compost.

Feel good, garden better with our UbuntuBerg Worm Farm Compost Bag – where waste reduction meets local craftsmanship. 🌍✨