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DIY Bokashi Bin Strainer

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🌱 DIY Bokashi Bin Strainer - Create Your Own Bokashi Bin with Ease! 🛠️


  • Specially designed strainer/stand for DIY bokashi bins
  • Perfect fit for 25L bins
  • Can also be used as a replacement for damaged or lost strainer stands


  • Empowers you to build your own bokashi bin system
  • Provides a sturdy and reliable support for effective composting
  • Ensures proper drainage and airflow for optimal fermentation
  • Versatile solution for both DIY projects and replacement needs

Feel the Convenience: Ready to embark on your bokashi composting journey? Our DIY Bokashi Bin Strainer is here to help you create your very own bokashi bin effortlessly. Designed to perfectly fit 25L bins, this strainer/stand ensures a stable foundation for your bokashi composting system. Feel the excitement of taking control of your composting process as you assemble your custom bokashi setup. No need to worry about losing or damaging your existing strainer stand - our DIY Bokashi Bin Strainer is also available as a replacement option. With this essential tool in your hands, you'll experience the satisfaction of building a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for transforming your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich compost. Start composting with confidence and join the growing community of bokashi enthusiasts!

🌿 Take charge of your composting journey and create your own DIY bokashi bin today! 🌱