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Earth Bokashi 0.7kg Caddy

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🌱 Earth Bokashi 0.7kg Caddy - Transform Your Food Waste into Rich Compost! ♻️

Earth Bokashi is the essential additive that enables the pre-composting of food waste.



  • Essential additive for pre-composting food waste
  • Made with indigenous South African microbes
  • Up-cycled materials for eco-friendly manufacturing
  • Balanced CN composting ratio for optimal results
  • Reusable 2.5L caddy for convenient waste collection


  • Reduces fermentation odours, creating a pleasant composting experience
  • Improves composting efficiency and speeds up decomposition
  • Harnesses the power of natural microbes for nutrient-rich compost
  • Supports sustainable practices with up-cycled materials
  • Easy-to-use caddy simplifies waste collection and management

Feel the Difference: Say goodbye to food waste guilt and embrace the eco-conscious way of composting with Earth Bokashi! Our specially formulated additive transforms your food scraps into nutrient-rich compost that nourishes your plants and helps reduce landfill waste. As you collect your food waste in the reusable 2.5L caddy, you'll feel a sense of pride knowing you're taking a proactive step towards sustainable living. The indigenous South African microbes in Earth Bokashi work their magic, accelerating the composting process while minimizing odours. Experience the joy of creating your own rich compost and watch your garden thrive with vitality. Join the composting revolution and make a positive impact on the environment, one scrap at a time!

🌿 Embrace the power of nature and turn your food waste into garden gold! ♻️