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GARDENA Wall Hose Bracket

R 99.00

Discover the Ultimate Garden Helper: GARDENA Wall Hose Bracket! 🏡💦

Get ready to revolutionise your gardening with the GARDENA Wall Hose Bracket! This brilliant little helper promises not only convenience but also a neat, tidy garden.

🎯 Hose Storage Made Simple
The GARDENA Wall Hose Bracket is your quick and easy solution for garden hose storage. Simply wind up and hang your hose for a tidy and clutter-free garden. Enjoy the comfort of having your garden hose readily accessible, right when you need it.

👌 Practical and Convenient
The bracket offers practical hanging options for nozzles, sprayers, or sprinklers - ensuring that your garden tools are always at your fingertips. It's the small, practical, and inexpensive hose storage option that your garden has been missing.

🌳 Robust and Durable
Rest assured with the knowledge that the GARDENA Wall Hose Bracket comes with a whopping 5-year warranty. Yes, that's right! This rugged hose bracket is built to last, giving you years of reliable service.

💪 Impressive Capacity
Don't underestimate this compact helper. It can comfortably hold 35m x 13mm (1/2"), 25m x 15mm (5/8"), or 20m x 19mm (3/4") hoses. Impressive, isn't it?

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Product Specifications
* Warranty: 5 years
* Max. capacity: 35m x 13mm (1/2"), 25m x 15mm (5/8"), 20m x 19mm (3/4")