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GARDENA Soaker Hose Connection Set

R 228.00

GARDENA Soaker Hose Connection Set: Complete Control at Your Fingertips! 💦🌿

Introducing the GARDENA Soaker Hose Connection Set, a perfect solution for a simplified and controlled watering experience. This kit, designed with your convenience in mind, has everything you need to connect the GARDENA Soaker Hose effectively.

🔧Easy Assembly
Your time is precious, and this set respects that. With all components at hand, you can effortlessly put the system together and start reaping the benefits.

🔄Complete Fittings
This set comes with a connection unit with a control valve for the Soaker Hose start and a water stop for the end. Now you have full control over your watering process, from beginning to end!

👌Original GARDENA System Fittings
Designed for ultimate compatibility and reliability, these fittings seamlessly connect with the GARDENA Soaker Hose. With GARDENA, you’re choosing an experience of uncompromised cohesion.

🛡️5-Year Warranty
We're confident in our product quality and back it up with a 5-year warranty. Your peace of mind is paramount, and we're committed to ensuring it. For detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the enclosed operating manual or online at www.gardena.com/warranty.

Master your garden's hydration with the GARDENA Soaker Hose Connection Set! Let your garden thrive with the precise watering it deserves. 🌸💧

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Product Specifications

  • Included Components: Complete fittings for inlet and outlet ends of the soaker hose: Connection unit with control valve and water stop
  • Warranty: 5 years