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GARDENA Soaker Hose 7.5m with Valve

R 332.00

GARDENA Soaker Hose 7.5m with Valve: A Champion of Sustainable Irrigation! 🚰🌱

Introducing the GARDENA Soaker Hose 7.5m with Valve – your perfect partner for targeted, water-saving irrigation. It's specifically designed for effective watering of plant rows, even at low pressure. With this hose, you'll no longer waste water, ensuring your garden thrives while respecting our planet. Here's why you'll love it:

💧 70% Water Saving
Compared to traditional irrigation, you can save up to 70% water. Now, watering your plants doesn't have to mean wasting precious resources.

🎯 Targeted Irrigation
It's perfect for efficient watering of plant rows. It ensures water reaches where it's needed, resulting in healthier plants and less wastage.

👌 Easy to Adjust
The Soaker Hose can be shortened or extended up to 30m, ensuring it fits your garden perfectly. It's about providing you with a bespoke solution!

🔧 Ready to Connect
The Soaker Hose comes equipped with all connection fittings, making it ready-to-use out of the box. Less time setting up, more time enjoying your garden.

🔁 Flow Control Valve
Manage the flow rate and pressure easily with a control valve, allowing you to set it to the ideal working pressure (0.5 - 1 bar). Enjoy control at your fingertips.

🇩🇪 German-Made Quality
Trust in GARDENA's commitment to quality. Our German-made products offer reliable performance and stand for continual innovation.

A whopping 5-year warranty guarantees peace of mind. Experience for yourself why gardening enthusiasts choose the GARDENA Soaker Hose. 🌼🏡

➡️ Make watering your garden an eco-friendly task. Get your GARDENA Soaker Hose 7.5m with Valve today!


Product Specifications
* Area coverage min: 7.5 m²
* Area coverage max: 7.5 m²
* Hose length: 7.5 m
* Warranty: 5 years