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GARDENA Sprinkler Hose 7.5m

R 478.00

Experience Gentle Watering with the GARDENA Sprinkler Hose! 

Unveiling the GARDENA Sprinkler Hose—expertly designed to provide optimal, gentle watering for your garden. The perfect companion for beds, borders, and narrow areas. This German-made hose comes equipped with all the fittings you need. Just connect it to a water source and let it do its magic!

🌼 Fine Spray, Fantastic Results The GARDENA Sprinkler Hose releases a fine spray, ideal for ensuring beds, borders, and narrow garden areas are watered easily, precisely, and conveniently. So delicate, so effective!

🔬 German-Made Excellence Trust in GARDENA’s quality promise: reliable performance, and continual innovation. When you purchase our products, you’re investing in durability and top-notch performance.

🌱 Plant Protection The gentle, fine spray waters fragile plants without causing any damage. Feel the peace of mind knowing your delicate plants are well cared for!

✂️ Tailored to Your Needs With the GARDENA Sprinkler Hose, you can customise the length to suit your garden. Shorten it with ease by cutting and assembly of connection fittings, or extend it with our Connection Set.

Experience the transformative power of gentle watering. Upgrade your gardening game with the GARDENA Sprinkler Hose today and feel the difference! 💪💧


Product Specifications
* Hose length: 7.5 m
* Warranty: 10 years