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GARDENA Soaker Hose 15m with Valve

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Nurture Your Green Oasis with the GARDENA Soaker Hose 15m with Valve! 💦

Achieve a flourishing garden with a water-saving solution that's perfect for plant rows. Introducing the GARDENA Soaker Hose 15m with Valve - a game-changer that allows precise and sparing irrigation while maintaining reliability and performance.

💧 Efficient and Eco-Friendly Irrigation This Soaker Hose promotes targeted and water-sparing irrigation of plant rows. Compared to traditional methods, save up to 70% water and still ensure that your plants get the hydration they need.

📏 Tailor-Made Length for Individual Needs Don't worry about the size of your garden! The Soaker Hose can be conveniently shortened or extended up to a maximum of 30m. Buy it by the metre and get the perfect length for your needs.

Ready-to-Use with All Connection Fittings Forget complicated setups! Our Soaker Hose comes ready-to-use with all the necessary connection fittings. Just attach it and start watering!

🎛️ Easy Flow Rate and Pressure Control Control the hose’s working pressure (0.5 - 1 bar) easily and comfortably with a control valve. Adjust the flow rate to match your irrigation needs.

🏅 Top-Quality German-Made Product Trust in the reliable performance, innovation and quality of GARDENA. We're committed to providing top-tier products, offering a 5-year warranty for our Soaker Hose.

Experience an eco-conscious, reliable and efficient way of irrigating your plants with the GARDENA Soaker Hose 15m with Valve. Grow your garden the smart way! 💦🌱


Product Specifications
* Area coverage min: 15 m²
* Area coverage max: 15 m²
* Hose length: 15 m
* Warranty: 5 years