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GARDENA Click Up! RainGauge

R 335.00

Note: ClickUp Handle and ClickUp BalconyClamp sold separately 
Please see this link: ClickUp! Handle or ClickUp! BalconyClamp

Effortlessly Monitor Your Garden's Rainfall with GARDENA ClickUp! RainGauge

🌧️ Stay in control of your garden's moisture levels with the GARDENA ClickUp! ☔ RainGauge, a precise and stylish addition to the ClickUp! all-season lifestyle system. Gain peace of mind knowing exactly how much water your plants are getting, and effortlessly adapt your watering routine to their needs.🌱

Outstanding Benefits:

  • 💧Accurate measurement: Clearly monitor rainfall levels from 0 to 100 l/m² with the easy-to-read scale.
  • 🔄Flexible and secure: Attach and detach the RainGauge from the ClickUp! Handle with the innovative One-Click connection, ensuring a stable and wobble-free fit.
  • 🌟Quality construction: Made from robust, frost-proof, and dishwasher-safe PMMA material for lasting durability.
  • 🌿GARDENA ClickUp! System: Personalise your garden with the versatile ClickUp! Handle and various attachment options.
  • 📏Easy maintenance: Simply remove and empty the RainGauge as needed for accurate readings, hassle-free.

Transform your garden with the GARDENA ClickUp! RainGauge, an elegant and functional addition to your outdoor space. Keep track of rainfall, and confidently care for your plants like a true gardening pro. 🌦️ Don't leave your garden's hydration to chance – Order now! 🌻


GARDENA Rain Gauge

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