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GARDENA Secateurs Bypass - 24mm

R 556.00

GARDENA Secateurs Bypass - Unleash The Florist In You! 🌺

Elevate your gardening game with the GARDENA Secateurs Bypass! Boasting a non-stick-coated upper blade and a rust-proof stainless steel bottom blade, these secateurs are your ideal companion for cutting flowers, young shoots, and fresh wood.

✂️ Bypass Cutting Principle for Precise Trimming

Unleash precise trimming with the bypass cutting principle! Two ground blades slide past each other, leaving behind an accurate and clean cut. Ideal for cutting flowers and fresh shoots, these secateurs promise to leave your garden looking perfectly pruned! 🌿

🤲 Comfortable Handling for a Delightful Experience

Say goodbye to strain with our ergonomic handles that lie perfectly in your hands. Soft components incorporated into the upper and lower handles offer anti-slip properties and gentle cushioning on your wrists, transforming cutting into a pleasure rather than a chore. 💪

🛡️ Safe Storage for Peace of Mind

Keep your tools and hands safe with the one-handed safety lock. Just a simple move, and your secateurs are securely closed and ready for safe storage. No more worries about misplaced tools or accidental cuts! 🏡

Backed by a 25-year warranty, the GARDENA Secateurs Bypass is your trusted partner in creating a beautiful garden that brings joy and serenity. Order now and start nurturing your personal Eden today!


Product Specifications

  • Maximum cutting diameter: 24 mm
  • Cutting type: Bypass
  • Bottom blade: Stainless steel

Product Videos

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