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GARDENA Aluminium Garden Secateurs Bypass - 25mm

R 912.00

GARDENA Aluminium Garden Secateurs Bypass - Effortless Precision in Your Hands! 

🌿 Experience the joy of convenient and precise cutting with the GARDENA Aluminium Garden Secateurs Bypass. Designed to make your gardening tasks a breeze, these secateurs are your trusted companion for achieving pristine cuts and nurturing your plants with care. 🌺🌱

Superior Cutting Performance: With its precision-ground blades, these secateurs effortlessly slice through fresh branches, flowers, young shoots, and fresh wood. Enjoy the satisfaction of achieving accurate and clean cuts that promote the healthy growth of your plants. 💐✂️

Comfortable Handling, Maximum Comfort: The ergonomically-shaped metal handles made of sturdy aluminium provide optimal grip and control. The soft components integrated into the upper and lower handles offer anti-slip properties, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip in any cutting situation. Delight in the ease and comfort of nurturing your garden. 🌿👐

Versatile and Long-Lasting: The blade of these secateurs can be re-ground as required, ensuring long-lasting sharpness and continued performance. Additionally, the blade is replaceable, allowing you to maintain the longevity of your secateurs for years to come. Enjoy the versatility and durability that these secateurs bring to your gardening toolkit. ⚙️🔧

Convenient Storage, Safety First: The secateurs feature a practical single-hand safety lock, providing a quick and secure way to close and store them after use. Keep your secateurs safe and protected, ready for your next gardening adventure. Experience peace of mind knowing that safety is at your fingertips. 🔒🌼

🌟 Unleash the power of effortless precision with the GARDENA Aluminium Garden Secateurs Bypass. Embrace the joy of nurturing your plants with care, knowing that you have a reliable and versatile tool by your side. Order now and elevate your gardening experience! 🛒🌸

Product Video

GARDENA Cutting Tools Behind The Scene Video


Product Specifications
* Maximum cutting diameter: 25 mm
* Cutting type: Bypass
* Bottom blade: Stainless steel