GARDENA ExpertCut Secateurs Bypass - 22mm

R 609.00

Long-lasting, precise cutting tool with comfortable handle and two step opening feature
GARDENA garden secateurs ExpertCut, a hardwearing and precise cutting tool that will help you get your garden cutting jobs done in no time. These professional secateurs will cut cleanly and comfortably through twigs, and branches with a maximum cutting diameter of 22 mm. You’ll be very impressed by the high-quality of the core-hardened 60 HRC steel blades, designed with longevity in mind. The sharp and robust steel blades are made from specially core-hardened stainless steel, this innovative manufacturing process eliminates weak points in the material, producing very hard-wearing core-hardened stainless steel blades. These premium quality blades can be sharpened to keep your secateurs as good as new; every cut feels as smooth and keen-edged as the first. Another pleasing design feature is the sap drain to protect the cutters from sticky plant fluids, this feature makes cleaning really easy. The ExpertCut has been created with your comfort in mind. It is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand and the patented 2 Step Opening feature gives you great working comfort, it’s even designed for small and medium hands, as well as both right-handed and left-handed users. The ExpertCut secateurs are very lightweight, weighing just 160 g. The durable buffer, is protecting your hands and wrists and allowing you to work longer and get all your gardening tasks done effortlessly. The GARDENA ExpertCut is Made-in-Germany showing the impressive quality and durability of this top-notch tool. GARDENA’s award-winning design team have created a cutting tool that is top quality and long-lasting, a cut above the rest! Express your vision with precision.

* A cut above the rest
Core-hardened stainless steel blades (60 HRC) mean that these secateurs are very robust and long-lasting.

* Comfort in hand
The ExpertCut is ergonomically designed for your comfort while working hard in the garden. The firm grip, buffer for wrist protection, not to mention the patented 2 Step Opening all make a cutting tool that is a pleasure to work with.

* A keen cutting edge for keen gardeners
Effective cutting thanks to sharp blades for clean and precise cutting results with a maximum cutting diameter of 22 mm. These premium quality blades can be sharpened to keep your secateurs as good as new, and every snip feeling as smooth and keen-edged as if it's the very first cut.

* As light as a feather
ExpertCut secateurs are extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 160 g.

* Maximum cutting diameter: 22 mm
* Cutting type: Bypass
* Upper blade: Hardened, Stainless steel, Re-sharpenable, Precision-ground
* Bottom blade: Hardened, Stainless steel, Precision-ground
* Blade: Hardened, Precision-ground