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GARDENA Secateurs Bypass - 22mm

R 433.00

🌸 GARDENA Classic Secateurs Bypass - Achieve Pristine Cuts with Ease! 🌿

Introducing the GARDENA Classic Secateurs Bypass, your go-to tool for cutting flowers, young shoots, and branches. With its stainless steel lower blade and rust-proof upper blade, these secateurs ensure precise and clean cuts every time. Experience the joy of effortless gardening and unlock the beauty of your plants.

Key Features & Benefits:

✂️ Cutting Precision: The bypass cutting principle allows the two ground blades to smoothly slide past each other, delivering accurate and clean cuts. Say goodbye to ragged edges and hello to perfectly trimmed plants.

✨ Comfortable Handling: Ergonomically shaped handles provide a perfect fit for your hand, offering maximum comfort during extended use. The soft components on the upper handle provide an anti-slip grip, reducing wrist strain and ensuring a secure hold.

🌿 Adjustable Design: The secateurs feature two handle opening widths, allowing you to choose the most comfortable and effective cutting position. Enjoy the versatility and adaptability that suits your specific gardening needs.

🔒 Safe Storage: The practical single-hand safety lock ensures safe storage and effortless closing of the secateurs after use. Protect your fingers and keep your tools in top condition.

Elevate your gardening experience with the GARDENA Classic Secateurs Bypass. Whether you're trimming flowers, young shoots, or branches, these secateurs provide precision, comfort, and durability. Transform your garden into a masterpiece today!

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🌿 Maximum cutting diameter: 22 mm
🌿 Cutting type: Bypass
🌿 Bottom blade: Stainless steel
🌿 Blade: Precision-ground