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GARDENA Classic Secateurs Bypass - 18mm

R 304.00

Power and Precision Meet Comfort with GARDENA Classic Secateurs Bypass - 18mm ✂️🌿

Welcome to the world of smart gardening with the GARDENA Classic Secateurs Bypass - 18mm. Crafted for comfort and efficiency, these secateurs redefine your gardening experience, infusing it with a unique blend of power, precision, and ease.

🎯 Superior Cutting Ability Our Classic Secateurs are designed for powerful cutting and quick snipping. Perfect for pruning flowers and young shoots, these secateurs can handle a maximum branch diameter of 18mm with ease.

🔪 High Quality, Non-Stick Blades Featuring a non-stick coated upper blade and a stainless steel bottom blade, our secateurs offer a clean and effortless cut every time. The precision-ground blades ensure accuracy, enhancing your gardening prowess.

Ergonomic and Comfortable The secateurs boast ergonomically formed comfort handles that lie optimally in your hand. With two holding positions available, you can choose between power cutting and quick snipping, based on your gardening needs.

🔒 Safe and Easy to Store Thanks to the single-hand safety lock, these secateurs can be easily locked and safely stored when not in use. This feature ensures the longevity of your tool and promotes safe gardening practices.

🥇 A Guarantee of Quality In line with GARDENA's promise of the highest quality, these Classic Secateurs come with an impressive 25-year warranty period.

Transform your gardening routine with the GARDENA Classic Secateurs Bypass - 18mm. Discover precision, power, and comfort like never before. Get your pair today! 🛒

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Product Specifications
* Maximum cutting diameter: 18 mm
* Cutting type: Bypass
* Upper blade: Non-stick coated
* Bottom blade: Stainless steel
* Blade: Precision-ground