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GARDENA Spreader Large 12,5Lt

R 1,258.00

GARDENA Spreader Large 12.5Lt: Unleash Your Garden's Full Potential Year-Round!

🌱  Experience the thrill of gardening all year long with the GARDENA Spreader Large 12.5Lt. This versatile spreader caters to all your gardening needs, from fertilising lawns up to 400m² to spreading winter grit during frosty months. 🌼

💪 Robust & Trustworthy: Constructed from high-quality plastic, sturdy aluminium, and stainless steel wire rope, this corrosion and weather-resistant spreader is built to last. Enjoy peace of mind with a 25-year GARDENA warranty!

🎯 Precision & Control: Easily adjust the dosage and spreading quantity with the ergonomic handle and open/close function. No more bending down or straining your back—spread materials comfortably in an upright position.

🌈 Even Distribution: The unique spreading roller ensures even distribution, while the patented locking slide prevents accidental spills. Keep your garden looking pristine and well-tended every season!

🏞️ Adapts to Any Terrain: Large, profiled wheels with ball bearings provide a firm grip and optimal traction on any surface, making it easy to manoeuvre and maintain control.

🧼 Easy Cleaning: Cleaning your spreader is a breeze. Simply rinse it with water, and it's ready for the next use!

💚 Year-Round Performance: From fertilisers and seeds to sand and road salt, the GARDENA Spreader Large 12.5Lt can handle a variety of particle sizes, making it perfect for use in summer and winter alike.

Don't let the seasons limit your garden's potential. Upgrade to the GARDENA Spreader Large 12.5Lt today and unlock the full potential of your garden all year round! 🛍️🌿

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GARDENA Spreader Large 12,5Lt Product Video


* Working area capacity (±20): 400 m²
* Spreading width: 0.45 m
* Container capacity: 12.5 l