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GARDENA Spreader X-Large 18Lt

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Amplify Your Gardening Game with the GARDENA Spreader X-Large 18Lt! 🌱💪

Introducing the GARDENA Spreader X-Large 18Lt, your ultimate ally for seamless distribution of fertiliser and road salt across vast areas. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our spreader guarantees perfect, even spreading. No tipping, no clogging, just fantastic results.

🔄 Year-Round Performance
Experience versatility like never before! Our Spreader XL caters to a variety of particle sizes – from fertilisers and seeds to granulate, sand, and road salt. Unleash its power in summer or winter, and witness its outstanding performance.

👌 Convenient Dosage
Adjust the spreading material's quantity without straining your back, thanks to the open/close function on the handle. Enjoy an effortless gardening experience.

💯 Even Distribution
The smart design of our spreading disk ensures optimal functionality and even distribution of your spreading material. Depending on your pace, you can achieve a spreading range of 1.5 to 6 metres.

🎯 Spreads Right Up to the Edge
Equipped with an adjustable covering panel, our Spreader XL allows for precision in spreading. Deliver your spreading material exactly where it's needed – right up to the edge.

🌍 For All Terrains
The large, profiled wheels offer firm grip and optimal traction on any surface. Bring home the master of all terrains today!

🌧️ Corrosion- and Weather-Resistant
Constructed from corrosion- and weather-resistant material, the Spreader XL is easy to clean with water, promising durability and long-lasting service.

Step up your gardening game with our GARDENA Spreader X-Large 18Lt. Order today and witness a revolution in your gardening routine! 🛒


Product  Specifications

* Working area capacity (±20): 800 m²
* Spreading width: 6 m
* Container capacity: 18 l