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GARDENA Spreader Hand Held

R 625.00

🌿 GARDENA Hand-Held Spreader: Your Compact Solution for a Thriving Garden and Safe Winter Walkways! ❄️

Upgrade your garden and home maintenance game with the GARDENA Hand-Held Spreader M. This all-season champion is designed for the even distribution of fertiliser, seeds, and winter grit on compact areas up to 100 m².

🔄 Year-Round Excellence

From summer's bloom to winter's frost, the GARDENA Spreader is your trusted ally. It handles various particle sizes of fertilisers, seeds, granulates, sand, and road salt, making it a must-have for all seasons.

🖐️ Easy Crank Operation

Say goodbye to complex mechanics! Control the spread rate in 4 simple steps and set the spreading disc in motion with an intuitive crank mechanism, ensuring even distribution without any jamming.

💯 Even Distribution

Get an even spread without tipping or clogging. The free-running spreading disc offers optimal functionality and an even distribution of spreading material, with a spreading range of 1 to 4 metres.

🌈 Ergonomic Design

Enjoy comfortable handling thanks to an ergonomic handle and balanced centre of gravity. The open/close mechanism can be operated with your thumb, making it delightfully easy to use.

Embrace the Seasons with Confidence Today! ⛅

Boost your garden's health and keep your walkways safe during winter with the GARDENA Hand-Held Spreader M. Get yours today and enjoy a well-nurtured garden and slip-free walkways all year round!