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GARDENA Hose Connection Set 13mm (1/2")

R 113.00

Embrace Effortless Watering with GARDENA Hose Connection Set! 

Introducing the GARDENA Hose Connection Set—your ultimate solution for a quick and easy hose connection. This kit comprises of two integral pieces—the Hose Connector and the Water Stop Connector. Both made in Germany, both boasting high-end quality, and both designed to bring ease and efficiency to your watering routine!

🔗 Hose Connector — Your Ticket to Quick Connections Experience the swift ease of a secure connection at the start of your hose. GARDENA's Hose Connector is equipped with a protective elastic ring and Power Grip. This means a firm hold, even with wet hands, and easy disconnection with a simple pull. Plus, with frost resistance, winter won't stand a chance!

💧 Water Stop Connector — Your Water-Saving Ally This ingenious little device saves you unnecessary trips to the tap. With the auto water stop function, changing watering accessories is a breeze—disconnect one, the water stops; attach a new one, the water flows. Comfortable to grip, even when wet, and frost-proof for all-weather performance.

Power-Grip & Comfortable Handling 🛠️👌 Both connectors are designed with Power-Grip for a super tight fit and soft plastic grooved grip for comfort—even with wet hands.

Original GARDENA System 🌐 Enjoy seamless interconnectivity with all watering accessories thanks to the Original GARDENA System.

Trusted Quality and 5-Year Warranty 🏅⏳ Invest in the reliable performance and durability of GARDENA, backed by a 5-year warranty.

Get your GARDENA Hose Connection Set today and step into the future of effortless gardening. Your plants will thank you! 🌻💦

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Product Specifications
* Use: For 13mm (1/2") and 15mm (5/8") hoses
* Warranty: 5 years