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GARDENA Tap Connector 26.5mm (G3/4")

R 40.00

Embrace Effortless Watering with GARDENA Tap Connector 26.5mm (G3/4") 💦

Unleash the true potential of your garden with the GARDENA Tap Connector 26.5mm (G3/4")! This versatile, frost-proof, and robust tap connector ensures a secure connection between your garden hose and water tap.

💧Anti-Splash Function
Experience splash-free, focused water flow, thanks to the innovative Anti-Splash function. No more water splashes when you're doing your gardening tasks!

🔐The Original GARDENA System
With the Original GARDENA System, you enjoy watertight, stable connections. You can quickly and effortlessly connect any watering accessory to the hose.

The GARDENA Tap Connector is frost-proof, offering unrivalled durability and longevity. It's perfect for year-round use, no matter how harsh the winter gets!

🇩🇪Trustworthy Product Quality
All GARDENA products are made in Germany, ensuring you receive top-notch quality, reliable performance, and durability.

🛡️5-Year Warranty
Feel the assurance of a 5-year warranty. We're all about quality and your satisfaction. For detailed warranty conditions, refer to the enclosed operating manual or online at www.gardena.com/warranty.

Enhance your gardening experience with the GARDENA Tap Connector 26.5mm (G3/4") Let's make watering effortless and enjoyable! 🌱💦

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Product Specifications

  • Use: Connection to tap
  • Thread: For taps with 26.5mm (G3/4") thread
  • Frost protection: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 years