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GARDENA Hose Repairer 19mm (3/4") / 16mm (5/8")

R 37.00

Revive Your Garden Hose with the GARDENA Hose Repairer! 🚿🌿

Say Goodbye to Leaks with the GARDENA Hose Repairer. This innovative tool breathes new life into your damaged hoses, delivering a solution that's not just effective, but also incredibly simple and fast!

🔧 No-Tools-Needed Repair
Experience the magic of tool-free hose repair. Simply cut out the damaged part of your hose, insert the GARDENA Hose Repairer, and voila - your hose is back in action!

💪 Fits 19mm (3/4") and 16mm (5/8") Hoses
Designed for versatility, this repairer is perfect for 19 mm (3/4") and 16 mm (5/8") hoses. No matter what hose you have, GARDENA has you covered!

🌡️ Frost-Proof Feature
Keep your hoses in peak condition, even in the frostiest of winters. Our hose repairer comes with frost protection, ensuring a longer hose lifespan and year-round watering possibilities.

Let's turn hose damage into a problem of the past. With the GARDENA Hose Repairer, you're always just moments away from a solution. Don't let a damaged hose disrupt your garden routine. Get the GARDENA Hose Repairer today! Click 'Add to Cart' now! 🛒


Product Specifications
* Use: Hose repair
* Frost protection: Yes