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GARDENA Extension Joint

R 36.39

Effortlessly Extend Your Reach with GARDENA Extension Joint!

Are you seeking a way to expand your watering reach with absolute simplicity? Look no further than the GARDENA Extension Joint! Designed to join two hoses seamlessly, it extends your capacity to nurture every corner of your garden.

🎯 Ease of Extension

Turn your short hose into a long-reaching watering tool with the Extension Joint. This nifty connector allows you to lengthen your hose, ensuring no spot in your garden goes thirsty.

🔗 Diverse Hose Size Connection

Whether your hoses are big or small, the Extension Joint has you covered. It allows for the connection of hoses with different diameters, providing flexibility and adaptability.

📅 All-Weather and Frost-Resistant

Don't let the seasons control your watering routine. The Extension Joint is frost-resistant and ready for use year-round.

💪 Superior Quality with a 5-Year Warranty

We take pride in our German craftsmanship, and our Extension Joint is no exception. GARDENA stands for durability, reliable performance and high-quality. We back this with a 5-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Optimise your watering routine with the GARDENA Extension Joint. Try it out today and bring the ease of extension to your garden!


Product Specifications
Use: Hose repair