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GARDENA ClickUp! Balcony Clamp

R 489.00

For use with the GARDENA ClickUp Range: View Range

Transform Your Balcony with the GARDENA ClickUp! Balcony Clamp

🏡 Elevate your urban garden with the GARDENA ClickUp! Balcony Clamp, a versatile accessory that brings the innovative ClickUp! all-season lifestyle system to your balcony. Create a personal oasis using various ClickUp! decoration elements and enjoy a wobble-free, stable connection.🌷

Outstanding Features and Benefits:

  • 🌟Adaptable design: The ClickUp! Balcony Clamp's One-Click connection allows for easy attachment and detachment of various ClickUp! decoration elements, such as the WindLight, BirdBath, TorchFireplace, FlowerBowl, and BirdFeeder.
  • 🌆Perfect fit: Suitable for square balcony railings from 1 to 6 cm and round diameters up to 5 cm, the Balcony Clamp fits almost any balcony.
  • 💪Sturdy and reliable: Experience a stable, wobble-free connection between the Balcony Clamp and decoration elements.
  • ☀️Weather-resistant: Made of high-quality materials, the Balcony Clamp is robust, UV-stable, and built to withstand the elements.
  • 🏅5-year warranty: Register your product at gardena.com/registration within 3 months of purchase to enjoy GARDENA's warranty, showcasing their commitment to quality.

Unlock the full potential of your balcony and create a personalised outdoor retreat with the GARDENA ClickUp! Balcony Clamp. Upgrade your urban garden now! 🌆


* Use: Fixation/ Balcony fixation
* Warranty in years (after registration): 5

Technical Specifications
* Article No. 11410-20
* * EAN-Code: 4078500057332