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GARDENA ClickUp! Torch Fireplace

R 847.00

Note: ClickUp Handle and ClickUp BalconyClamp sold separately 
Please see this link: ClickUp! Handle or ClickUp! BalconyClamp

Illuminate Your Garden with the GARDENA ClickUp! Torch Fireplace

🔥 Create a captivating atmosphere in your outdoor space with the GARDENA ClickUp! Torch Fireplace, a stylish and versatile addition to the ClickUp! all-season lifestyle system. Enjoy cosy, warm lighting that enhances your garden's ambience and showcases your unique taste.🌳

Remarkable Features and Benefits:

  • 🌟Enchanting ambience: Experience at least six hours of inviting, warm light with the Torch Fireplace's 350 ml lamp oil capacity.
  • 🔄Effortless attachment: Attach and detach the Torch Fireplace to the ClickUp! Handle using the One-Click Connector for a stable, wobble-free connection.
  • 🌬️Weather-resistant: The elegantly curved steel plate protects the flame from wind and rain, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • 🔒Safety first: The drip-proof tank prevents fuel spillage, while the included spoon allows you to safely extinguish the flame from a distance.
  • 🎨Stylish design: Enhance your garden's aesthetic with the Torch Fireplace's eye-catching, high-quality steel plate construction.

Transform your garden into a magical oasis with the GARDENA ClickUp! Torch Fireplace, the perfect accessory to add warmth, charm, and sophistication to your outdoor sanctuary.✨ Make your garden glow – Order now! 🔥


** Please Note: Item's does not include the ClickUp! Handle.
The handle can be purchased separately: GARDENA ClickUp! Handle 

GARDENA Torch Fireplace

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