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GARDENA ClickUp! Birdie BirdFeeder

R 805.00
Note: ClickUp Handle and ClickUp BalconyClamp sold separately 
Please see this link: ClickUp! Handle or ClickUp! BalconyClamp

The GARDENA ClickUp! BirdFeeder: A Sanctuary for Our Feathered Friends 🕊️

Experience the delightful company of nature's choir with the GARDENA ClickUp! BirdFeeder. This elegant feeding station is more than a bird feeder—it's a beacon of warmth, hospitality, and style. It's an all-season lifestyle system, transforming your garden into an inviting haven for feathered friends. 🎶🌳

Fantastic Features and Benefits:

ClickUp! All-Season Lifestyle System 🌞❄️

The GARDENA ClickUp! is a flexible garden design system, allowing you to personalise your garden. Feel the exhilaration of transforming your space into a living tableau of avian activity! 🍃🖼️

Flexible and Sturdy, Built for Convenience 💪🔗

Featuring the practical One-Click connection, the BirdFeeder is effortlessly mounted on the ClickUp! Handle and detached just as easily. Enjoy a stable and wobble-free connection, for a safe haven that your feathered guests can trust. 🦜🏡

Feast for Feathered Guests 🍽️🕊️

Entice various birds to your garden with a tantalising buffet spread. Watch with joy as your garden comes to life, filled with the delightful sounds and sights of nature. 🎵🌈

Elegant Design, Natural Aesthetic 🎨🔮

The BirdFeeder, crafted from highly transparent acrylic glass (PMMA material), adds an element of refined elegance to your garden. Its chic design is sure to turn heads and create a fascinating focal point. 🌟🏆

Robust and Easy-to-Clean for Hygienic Feeding 🧼🦺

Built with UV-protected, frost-proof PMMA material, the BirdFeeder can withstand varying weather conditions. Plus, cleaning is a breeze – simply detach and pop it into the dishwasher! Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a clean, hygienic feeding station. 💧🌈

Experience the Joy of Birdwatching Today! 🚀🦉

Let the GARDENA ClickUp! BirdFeeder create a beautiful symphony of nature in your garden. Take action today and witness the transformation your garden undergoes with this unique and stylish addition! 💖🕊️

Product Videos

GARDENA ClickUp Bird Feeder Video

GARDENA ClickUp Range Video


Product Specifications:

  • Part of the all-season lifestyle system GARDENA ClickUp!
  • Practical One-Click connection for easy installation and removal
  • Designed to attract different bird species
  • Made of highly transparent acrylic glass (PMMA material)
  • UV-protected and frost-proof
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Can be filled with any kind of birdseed
  • Note: Handle or BalconyClamp to be purchased separately