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FELCO 3.90 50 Grafting Knife

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The FELCO 3.90 50 Grafting Knife: Your All-Purpose Precision Partner 🌿🔪

Step into the realm of world-class horticultural craftsmanship with the FELCO 3.90 50 Grafting Knife. Engineered to perfection in Switzerland, this knife beautifully marries style, functionality, and precision in every stroke.

Unveil the Magic of FELCO 3.90 50:

🔸 Unparalleled Precision: Featuring a straight-edged, 57 mm stainless steel blade, bevelled on one side, designed meticulously for both crown grafting and propagating cuttings.

🔸 Swiss Craftsmanship: Embodied in every curve and edge, it’s more than just a tool - it's a testament to unparalleled Swiss quality and design.

🔸 Ergonomic Excellence: Its red nylon handle, fortified with a standard alloy lining, is sculpted for comfort, ensuring fatigue-free use for hours on end.

🔸 Ideal for Right-Handers: Crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that right-handed horticulturists experience the pinnacle of ease and control.

🔸 Compact and Sturdy: Weighing a mere 55g and stretching up to 100.00mm, this grafting knife is the ideal blend of strength and portability, ready to be your constant gardening companion.

    For aficionados who don’t just garden, but craft art with nature, the FELCO 3.90 50 isn’t a mere tool. It’s a masterpiece awaiting your touch.


    • Weight: 55g
    • Length: 100.00mm