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FELCO 3.90 10 Grafting Knife

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Unveiling the FELCO 3.90 10: The Lightweight Grafting Genius 🌿🔪

Meet your garden's new best friend - the FELCO 3.90 10 Grafting Knife. Precision, elegance, and lightweight efficiency combine in this brilliantly crafted tool, making each grafting moment feel like an art form.

Reasons Every Gardener Will Cherish the FELCO 3.90 10:

🔸 Precision at its Peak: A 51 mm stainless steel blade, bevelled on one side, ensures every cut is clean, sharp, and precise.

🔸 Swiss Craftsmanship: Originating from Switzerland, this knife is a testament to world-renowned quality and expertise.

🔸 Feather-Light Feel: Weighing only 34g, it effortlessly becomes an extension of your hand, ensuring fatigue-free grafting sessions.

🔸 Ergonomic Mastery: The red nylon handle, complemented by a standard alloy lining, promises a comfortable grip, every single time.

🔸 Universal Utility: Whether budding fruit trees, rose bushes, or vines, this tool adapts to your every need.

🔸 Compact & Durable: Its compact design doesn't compromise on strength. Small yet robust, it's built for years of reliable service.

With the FELCO 3.90 10 Grafting Knife, every budding moment is transformed into a precise, pleasurable experience.

The world of grafting awaits your mastery.


  • Weight: 34g
  • Length: 100.00mm