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FELCO 3.90 20 Grafting Knife

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Discover the Precision of FELCO 3.90 20: The Rose Budding Expert 🌹🔪

When you think of grafting or budding roses, think of the FELCO 3.90 20 Grafting Knife. A fusion of Swiss precision and ergonomic design, this knife delivers an unparalleled experience for those who desire perfection in every cut.

Why Garden Enthusiasts are Raving About the FELCO 3.90 20:

🔸 Specialised for Roses: Crafted specifically for rose budding, ensuring every graft is as delicate as the rose itself.

🔸 Versatile Mastery: Whether it's crown grafting, whip and tongue grafting, or budding, this tool delivers exceptional results every time.

🔸 Swiss Excellence: Made in Switzerland, this tool is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship and outstanding quality.

🔸 Ergonomic Comfort: The red nylon handle, paired with a standard alloy lining, promises both a superior grip and sublime comfort.

🔸 Precision in Every Cut: With its 57 mm stainless steel blade, bevelled on one side, right-handed gardeners will find precision in every stroke.

🔸 Thoughtful Design: The slightly curved blade tip, paired with a handy bark lifter on the back, showcases our commitment to detail and user needs.

🔸 Light as a Petal: Weighing a mere 35g and measuring 100.00mm in length, it is the epitome of lightweight efficiency.


  • Weight: 35g
  • Length: 100.00mm

The FELCO 3.90 20 Grafting Knife isn't just another tool; it's a gardening companion. For those passionate about their roses and the art of grafting, this is your ultimate partner.