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GARDENA combisystem Adjustable Rake

R 407.00

Please note: this product does not include a combisystem handle. Handles can be purchased separately - CLICK HERE to view range

Master Your Garden Debris with GARDENA combisystem Adjustable Rake 🍂🌿

Wave goodbye to troublesome leaves and grass clippings with the GARDENA combisystem Adjustable Rake. Expertly designed to provide effortless garden cleanup, it will be your trusted ally for a well-kept, healthy garden.

Features and Benefits 🎯

  • Secure Connection: The combisystem tool easily inserts into the handle and screws tight, ensuring a secure, wobble-free connection for comfortable, reliable work. No more shaky tools, just steady progress! 🔩🛠️
  • Universal Fit: Fits all GARDENA combisystem handles, giving you the flexibility to choose the handle that suits your needs and comfort. Wood or aluminium, back-sparing or not, it's your call! 🤹‍♀️
  • Adjustability: Fine-tune your raking with adjustable prongs. Rake wide or narrow, from 30 to 50 cm, the choice is yours for the perfect, desired finish. 🌈
  • Corrosion-Proof: Made from high-quality zinc-plated spring-steel prongs, this rake promises longevity. It stands up to time and weather, always ready for action. ⛅🌦️

With the GARDENA combisystem Adjustable Rake, the chore of garden cleanup becomes a breeze. Feel the satisfaction of a clean and tidy garden, and the peace of mind that comes from a job well done.

Please note: The combisystem handle is not included and can be purchased separately. Ready for a spotless garden and smoother gardening experience? Get Your Adjustable Rake Now

Product Videos

GARDENA CombiSystem Product Video 


Product Specifications
* Use: For raking leaves, grass clippings and garden waste (coarse and fine)
* Warranty: 25 years
* Working width from: 30 cm
* Working width to: 50 cm