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GARDENA combisystem "Squeegee"

R 371.00

Please Note: This product does not include a combisystem handle. Handles can be purchased separately - CLICK HERE to view range

Effortlessly Remove Water with the GARDENA combisystem "Squeegee"! 💦

Experience the joy of fast and easy water removal from stone floors and smooth surfaces with the GARDENA combisystem "Squeegee." Designed to make your cleaning tasks a breeze, this versatile tool offers a range of benefits that will leave you feeling satisfied and accomplished.

Efficient Cleaning Results Enjoy efficient and effective cleaning with the durable rubber lip made of cellular rubber. The GARDENA combisystem "Squeegee" covers a generous working width of 43 cm, ensuring that you can remove water with ease and achieve optimal cleaning results. Say goodbye to time-consuming and tedious cleaning processes.

🔧 Secure and Wobble-Free Connection Experience the convenience of a secure and stable connection. The combisystem tool effortlessly inserts into the handle and is securely screwed tight, providing a 100% wobble-free connection. This guarantees comfortable and hassle-free work, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

💪 Fits Your Preferred Handle Enjoy the flexibility to choose the handle that suits your needs. GARDENA combisystem tools are designed to fit all GARDENA combisystem handles, whether they are made of wood, aluminum, or designed to spare your back. The choice is yours, ensuring optimal comfort and control during your cleaning tasks.

⚙️ Sturdy and Long-Lasting Rely on the GARDENA combisystem "Squeegee" for its durability and stability. With a sturdy head made of high-quality plastic and a durable rubber lip, this tool is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Experience long-lasting performance and peace of mind with a 25-year warranty.

Product Videos

GARDENA CombiSystem Video

Watch our engaging CombiSystem Video to see the GARDENA "Squeegee" in action. Don't let water stand in your way—make your cleaning routine a breeze with the GARDENA combisystem "Squeegee." Add this exceptional tool to your collection and enjoy the benefits of efficient and effortless water removal.


Product Specifications
* Use: Removal of water from stone floors and smooth surfaces
* Warranty: 25 years
* Working width: 43 cm