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GARDENA combisystem Hand Hoe

R 264.00

Cultivate Your Garden with Ease Using GARDENA combisystem Hand Hoe! 

Welcome the GARDENA combisystem Hand Hoe, your best ally for maintaining a pristine and healthy garden. This high-quality steel tool, with its versatile functions, is designed to make your gardening tasks simpler, more efficient, and highly enjoyable!

🌱 Expertly Loosen, Aerate, and Weed with One Tool Your garden will thank you as you effectively loosen and aerate the soil, promoting better nutrient absorption and healthier plant growth. What's more, tackle those pesky weeds with precision and ease, keeping your garden looking pristine.

Comfortable Handling, No More Slips Bid farewell to discomfort with the ergonomically designed handle, enhanced with a soft component for a perfect grip. Its angle design prevents slips, making your gardening work all the more seamless!

🔀 Flexibility at Its Best Say hello to convenience! The Hand Hoe is compatible with any combisystem handle, letting you switch effortlessly for a comfortable, upright position that saves your back from unnecessary strain.

⛓️ Exceptional Corrosion Protection Crafted from top-quality steel and enhanced with a Duroplast coating, your Hand Hoe is protected against corrosion, remains dirt-repellent, and boasts an impressive sturdiness that will last you years.

Invest in the GARDENA combisystem Hand Hoe today—your one-tool solution for a well-cared-for garden, ensuring healthy growth, and keeping your outdoor space looking its best! 🌼🌱 

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GARDENA Hand Hoe CombiSystem Video

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Product Specifications
Use: For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil
Warranty: 25 years
Working width: 6.5 cm