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GARDENA combisystem House Broom

R 385.00

Please note: this product does not include a combisystem handle. Handles can be purchased separately - CLICK HERE to view range

Sweep Away The Everyday With The GARDENA combisystem House Broom! 🏠

Take control of cleanliness in your home with the GARDENA combisystem House Broom. A versatile and high-quality cleaning tool designed for the optimum sweeping experience, it combines convenience, performance, and gentle care for your furniture.

📏 Wide Sweeping Action With a 34 cm working width and a sturdy head made from impact-resistant plastic, this broom allows you to cover a generous sweep area, making cleaning up quicker and more efficient.

🪑 Furniture-Friendly Design No need to worry about scratches or dings on your furniture while sweeping. The House Broom comes with rounded edges that are purposefully designed to protect your furniture, so you can sweep with confidence.

💫 High-Quality Bristles for Optimal Cleaning Enjoy an efficient and satisfying clean with our high-quality bristles. Made from a polypropylene-horse hair mixture, these bristles ensure you achieve the best cleaning results with every sweep.

🔒 Secure and Wobble-Free Connection Attach the House Broom to any GARDENA combisystem handle with a simple insert and screw tight action. Enjoy a comfortable and wobble-free cleaning experience every time.

🚀 Flexible Handle Choices The combisystem tools are compatible with all GARDENA handles, whether they are made of wood, aluminium, or designed to be back-friendly. Choose the handle that suits your needs and height for a customised and comfortable sweeping experience.

💪 Built to Last Trust in the high-quality plastic construction and the 25-year warranty of our House Broom. It's not just a broom, it's a long-term commitment to a cleaner home!

Achieve a spotless home effortlessly with the GARDENA combisystem House Broom. Add it to your cleaning arsenal today! 🏠🧹

Product Video


GARDENA CombiSystem Product Video


Product Specifications
* Use: Cleaning up dirt in indoor areas
* Recommended Handle Length: 130 / 150 cm
* Warranty: 25 years
* Working width: 34 cm