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FELCO 3.90 40 Grafting Knife

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Unleash Precision with the FELCO 3.90 40 Grafting Knife 🍎🔪

Welcome to the pinnacle of gardening finesse with the FELCO 3.90 40 Grafting Knife. Tailored exclusively for the passionate horticulturist in you, this knife is where Swiss precision meets garden craftsmanship. Every budding project you embark upon will now have an impeccable touch!

Why the FELCO 3.90 40 Stands Apart:

🔸 Masterful Budding: Specifically designed for budding fruit trees, rose bushes, and vines, ensuring each bud is seamlessly grafted.

🔸 Innovative Design: The blade boasts a unique bark lifter on its back, streamlining your grafting process and ensuring plant health.

🔸 Swiss Precision: Delicately crafted in Switzerland, every aspect of this knife echoes world-renowned quality and attention to detail.

🔸 Ergonomically Yours: The red nylon handle, complemented with a standard alloy lining, offers an unparalleled grip, making every cut precise and comfortable.

🔸 Perfectly Sized Blade: The 44 mm stainless steel blade, bevelled on one side, is crafted for right-handed enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of control and efficiency.

🔸 Compact Yet Mighty: Weighing just 51g and with a length of 100.00mm, it’s the embodiment of strength in a sleek form.

For those who cherish their garden as an artwork, the FELCO 3.90 40 isn’t just a tool. It’s the brush that paints perfection.


  • Weight: 51g
  • Length: 100.00mm