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GARDENA NatureLine Adjustable Rake

R 629.00

Unleash the Power of Easy Gardening with the GARDENA NatureLine Adjustable Rake 🍃👌

Let your garden flourish while we do the heavy lifting! With the GARDENA NatureLine Adjustable Rake, tidying up your garden has never been more effortless and satisfying. Leave no leaf behind and get ready to experience a wave of satisfaction with each stroke.

This masterfully crafted rake is the perfect companion for any green-thumbed enthusiast. It’s not just a rake – it’s a tool that transforms your garden clean-up into a breeze!

Here's why:

  • A Stroke for Every Leaf 🍂: Our adjustable, galvanised spring steel tines can be tailored from 30 to 50 cm, effortlessly collecting both small and big debris. The joy of seeing your garden clean has never been easier to achieve.

  • Stand the Test of Time ⏳: Made with high-quality galvanised spring steel tines, this rake resists corrosion. Rest assured, it's crafted to be your trusty gardening ally for years to come.

  • Handle with Pride 🖐: The varnished beechwood handle forms a secure connection with the rake, eliminating any chance of wobbling or warping. Experience the gratifying firmness with each stroke.

  • Eco-Friendly Craftsmanship 🌳: The handle is fashioned from 100% FSC® certified European wood, which means only timber from well-managed forests is used. Garden with us and do your part in preserving nature.

  • Peace of Mind Included ☮️: Our 10-year warranty comes standard, letting you garden with confidence knowing your investment is secure.

Bring the power of seamless garden clean-up home today! Choose the GARDENA NatureLine Adjustable Rake, it's more than just a tool, it's the key to a beautiful, satisfyingly tidy garden. 🏡🍃

Your garden is a reflection of your soul - let it speak volumes with GARDENA. Your journey to a spotless garden starts with a single click. Order Now! 🛍️

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Additional Info

For raking up leaves and grass cuttings
The GARDENA NatureLine Adjustable Rake is perfect for raking up leaves, grass cuttings, aerated material and other garden waste. In order to be able to rake fine and coarse material, the galvanised spring steel tines can simply be adjusted from 30 to 50 cm. The varnished handle made from beechwood (FSC® certified) forms a fixed and solid connection with the Adjustable Rake – no wobbling or warping. The warranty period totals 10 years.

* Adjustable
The spring steel tines can simply be adjusted from 30 to 50 cm for fine or coarse raking.

* Certified wood
The European wood is 100% FSC® certified. Only wood from exemplary managed forests is used for GARDENA handles.

* Corrosion protection
The GARDENA NatureLine Adjustable Rake consists of high-quality galvanised spring steel tines.

* Secure connection
The handle made from varnished beechwood and the tool form a robust connection – no wobbling, no warping.


* Use: Raking up leaves, grass clippings and other garden waste (coarse and fine)
* Warranty: 10 years