GARDENA NatureLine 13Tooth Rake

R 429.00

For raking, levelling off plant beds and for soil cultivation
The GARDENA NatureLine Rake can be used in diverse ways for raking, levelling off plant beds and for soil cultivation. The rake has a working width of 36 cm (14 tines), and the sturdy tines made from quality steel are able to withstand all stresses and permit effective work. The varnished handle made from beechwood (FSC® certified) forms a fixed and solid connection with the rake – no wobbling, no warping. The warranty period totals 10 years.

* Certified wood
The European wood is 100% FSC® certified. Only wood from exemplary managed forests is used for GARDENA handles.

* Corrosion protecion
The NatureLine Rake is made from high-quality, Duroplast coated steel in order to optimally protect the tool against corrosion.

* Secure connection
The handle made from varnished beechwood and the tool form a robust connection – no wobbling, no warping.

* Sturdy and effective
Permits effective work through the sturdy tines made from high-quality steel.

* Use: Multi-purpose tool for raking, levelling of beds and soil cultivation
* Warranty: 10 years
* Working width: 36 cm