GARDENA NatureLine Hoe

R 499.00

For hoeing and weeding
The GARDENA NatureLine Weed Hoe is perfect for easily removing weeds from the ground. The rust-proof stainless steel blade with a width of 16 cm is particularly robust. The varnished beechwood handle (FSC® certified) forms a fixed and sturdy connection with the Weed Hoe – no wobbling, no warping. The warranty period totals 10 years.

* Certified wood
The European wood is 100% FSC® certified. Only wood from exemplary managed forests is used for GARDENA handles.

* Corrosion protection
Die NatureLine Weed Hoe is made from high-quality, Duroplast coated steel and a stainless steel blade in order to optimally protect the product against corrosion.

* Reliable and effective
Weeds can easily be removed using the GARDENA NatureLine Weed Hoe with its rust-proof stainless steel blade.

* Secure connection
The handle made from varnished beechwood and the tool form a robust connection – no wobbling, no warping.

* Use: Removal of weeds
* Working width: 16 cm
* Warranty: 10 years