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GARDENA Hedge Clipper TeleCut 230mm

R 1,229.00

GARDENA Hedge Clipper TeleCut 230mm

Introducing GARDENA TeleCut Hedge Clippers - Your Hedge-Cutting Solution for Unrivalled Reach and Comfort

Experience the freedom of effortlessly trimming your hedges with the GARDENA TeleCut Hedge Clippers. These premium clippers are designed to give you the ultimate control, precision, and comfort for all your hedge trimming needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Unbeatable Reach: Extend the telescopic shaft by 20 centimeters to tackle hard-to-reach areas without the need for a ladder
  • Efficient Cutting: Serrated blades ensure optimal efficiency when cutting large areas, keeping leaves and twigs securely in the cutting area
  • Ergonomic Comfort: ErgoTec handles provide a comfortable, well-balanced grip for precise hedge trimming in any position
  • Joint-Friendly Cushioning: Soft buffer offers excellent cushioning to minimise joint strain and maximise comfort
  • Non-Stick Coating: Blades feature a non-stick coating for reduced friction, easy cleaning, and rust protection
  • Lightweight Design: Durable aluminium handles keep the clippers lightweight, saving energy and ensuring long-lasting performance


  • Blade length: 230 mm
  • Extension length: 700 - 900 mm

Transform Your Hedge Trimming Experience with GARDENA TeleCut Hedge Clippers

Say goodbye to ladders and awkward trimming positions. GARDENA TeleCut Hedge Clippers make it easy to reach those hard-to-access spots with their extendable telescopic shaft. You'll never have to compromise on precision and efficiency, thanks to the serrated blades that keep leaves and twigs securely in the cutting area.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the ErgoTec handles are round and well-balanced, ensuring the clippers rest perfectly in your hands in every position. The soft buffer provides excellent cushioning, minimising joint strain and maximising comfort during long trimming sessions.

The non-stick coating on the blades reduces friction, making cleaning a breeze and protecting your clippers from rust. Plus, the lightweight aluminium handles allow you to work longer without fatigue, while still offering durability for long-lasting performance.

Upgrade Your Hedge Trimming Toolkit Today

Elevate your hedge trimming experience with GARDENA TeleCut Hedge Clippers. Don't let hard-to-reach areas and uncomfortable tools hold you back – invest in the convenience, precision, and comfort that these clippers provide.

Ready to Experience the Difference?

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Additional Info

Your extended arm at hedge clipping
The TeleCut hedge clipper by GARDENA impresses with a full range of practical properties and a warranty of unbelievable 25 years. Thanks to the extendable telescopic shaft of the TeleCut you can increase your reach by up to 20 centimetres. This saves you from unnecessary stretching or walking up a ladder. Despite the extension you still have your full force at your disposal. The blades have a serrated edges for cutting larger surfaces with high precision and efficiency. This grinding ensures that leaves and twigs do not slip away during cutting, but are held in the cutting area. It is also convenient that nothing sticks to the non-stick coating of the blade.
In addition to its great functionality, the TeleCut also impresses with its feel. The ErgoTec handles are very ergonomic and provide a good grip. The brilliant springing will prevent any resistances disturbing you, protecting your joints as well as your hands and you won't feel fatigued when working for a prolonged period. This is also made possible by the low weight of the aluminium handles.

* Increase your reach
Sometimes only a few centimetres are missing to get to a spot that is normally hard to reach. Now you can extend the telescopic shaft of the TeleCut by 20 centimetres to stretch from 70 to 90 centimetres. This way you can cut those far away spots without climbing up a ladder.

* On the Crest of a Wave - Efficient Cut
The blades of this hedge cutter have a serrated edge that will serve you well. This is because the cutting edge always achieves a high level of efficiency when cutting large areas. The serrated edge keeps the cut material in the cutting area of the shears and prevents it from slipping out. This results in higher effectiveness especially when cutting large areas.

* Get a Grip - ErgoTec
The TeleCut hedge clippers are characterised by ErgoTec handles. These are round and well-balanced and therefore have a very ergonomic shape for hedge cutting, so that the shears rest perfectly in the hands in every position.

* A Spring in your Cut
GARDENA hedge clippers have a soft buffer that ensures good cushioning, is easy on the joints and contributes to comfort.

* Non-stick coating
The blades are non-stick coated. This reduces friction, ensures easy cleaning and protects the shears from rust.

* Making light work of it
Due to the use of aluminium handles, the TeleCut is lightweight yet durable. This saves power and ensures a long life for the scissors.


* Blade length: 230 mm
* Extension length: 700 - 900mm