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GARDENA Hedge Clipper NatureCut 230mm

R 689.00

GARDENA Hedge Clipper NatureCut 230mm

Nature's Partner: GARDENA Hedge Clipper NatureCut 230mm

Experience unparalleled performance and eco-friendly design with GARDENA's NatureCut Hedge Clipper. These 230mm shears deliver both exceptional cutting results and a touch of rustic charm, thanks to their 100% FSC certified wooden handles.

Your Garden Deserves the Best:

  • Efficient Cut: Serrated blades ensure high-performance cutting on large hedges and keep cuttings in place, improving overall efficiency
  • ErgoTec Comfort: Ergonomically shaped wooden handles provide a perfect grip for comfortable, precise hedge cutting
  • Hand Protect: 20° working angle keeps your hands safe from scratches and injuries
  • Joint-Friendly Cushioning: Soft buffer makes trimming a breeze and is easy on your hands and wrists

Sustainable and Durable:

  • Earth-Friendly Design: 100% FSC certified wooden handles, sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Built to Last: 25-year manufacturer's guarantee ensures long-lasting quality
  • Sturdy Blades: Robust steel blades with built-in branch cutter tackle even thick branches with ease
  • Non-Stick Coating: Easy-to-clean, rust-resistant blades maintain peak performance

Transform your hedges, shrubs, and bushes with the GARDENA Hedge Clipper NatureCut 230mm. This versatile all-rounder will make your gardening experience enjoyable and efficient, leaving your greenery looking its absolute best.

Elevate Your Gardening Game:

  • Time-Saving Tool: NatureCut's efficient cutting capabilities allow you to cover more ground in less time, keeping your garden looking pristine
  • Less Fatigue: Lightweight and ergonomic design means you can work longer without feeling the strain, making hedge trimming a pleasure
  • Versatile Performance: Perfect for trimming hedges, shaping shrubs, and cutting branches, NatureCut is the ultimate tool for your gardening needs
  • Safe and Secure: The 20° working angle ensures that your hands stay safely away from the sharp blades, preventing any accidental injuries

Ready to transform your garden with ease, precision, and sustainability? The GARDENA Hedge Clipper NatureCut 230mm is the perfect tool to enhance your green space and make your gardening experience more enjoyable. Don't wait – your garden deserves the best!

Order your GARDENA Hedge Clipper NatureCut 230mm today and experience the difference!

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Additional Info

Well-balanced all-round clippers that are prepared for everything
A well-balanced all-round cutter that is equipped for everything, GARDENA's NatureCut is instantly recognisable by its two wooden handles. The handles are 100% FSC certified and radiate a rustic charm, which clearly distinguishes this popular model from other hedge shears. With the NatureCut you can be sure that the functionality is on par with the great design. The manufacturer's guarantee of 25 years is proof of a quality, long lasting product. The sharp, serrated blades make sure that each and every cut counts. This type of blade ensures that high performance is always achieved, even when cutting large areas. The ErgoTec technology designed wooden handles are round, symmetrical and ergonomically shaped - so the shears always rest comfortably in your hands when cutting. The soft buffer is particularly practical, offering great cushioning, low resistance and making your work easier. This enables you to work longer in the garden without getting tired - no matter if you are cutting a hedge, shrub or bush. Cutting branches is easier with the built-in branch cutter. Thanks to the working angle of 20°, the hands are always kept a safe distance from the hedge when working, preventing your hands getting scratched. NatureCut is a real all-rounder that always delivers great results.

* On the Crest of a Wave - Efficient Cut
The blades of this hedge cutter have a serrated edge that will serve you well. This is because the cutting edge consistently delivers a high level of effectiveness when cutting large areas. The serrated edge keeps the cut material in the cutting area of the shears and prevents it from slipping out. This results in higher efficiency, especially when cutting larger hedges.

* Get a Grip - ErgoTec
The NatureCut hedge shears are characterised by its ErgoTec handles. It gives the wooden handles a round, balanced and ergonomic shape so that the shears fit perfectly in your hands.

* Get your Best Angle - Hand Protect
The working angle of the NatureCut is 20°. This means that the hands never touch the hedge when cutting and that snip after snip you are always safe from scratches and minor injuries.

* A Spring in your Cut
GARDENA hedge clippers have a soft buffer that ensures good cushioning; therefore it is easy on the joints and comfortable to work with.

* Wood from Sustainably Managed Forests - 100% FSC
The wooden handles of the NatureCut are 100% FSC certified. This means that only sustainably sourced wood from forests that are managed to high environmental and ethical standards is used.

* Strong and Sturdy
These shears are equipped with robust steel blades that ensure the long lifespan of the shears and even thicker branches can be easily cut with the built-in branch cutter.

* Non-Stick extra
The blades are non-stick coated. This reduces friction, ensures easy cleaning and protects the blade from rust.


* Blade length: 230 mm