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GARDENA Classic Grass shear

R 369.00

GARDENA Classic Grass shear

Achieve Picture-Perfect Lawn Edges with GARDENA Classic Grass Shears

Discover the secret to pristine lawn edges with the GARDENA Classic Grass Shears. Designed for precision and durability, these shears will make lawn care effortless while delivering professional-quality results every time.

  • Effortless Cutting Experience: The ergonomic handle shape ensures comfortable and easy cutting, allowing you to achieve perfect lawn edges with minimal strain.
  • Consistent, Powerful Performance: The special blade bearing enables even and powerful cutting across the entire blade length, making your lawn care tasks more efficient.
  • Built to Last: Boasting hardened, bright galvanised blades, these grass shears are not only rust-proof but also designed for long-lasting use. With a 25-year warranty, you can trust in their durability and performance.

Why Choose GARDENA Classic Grass Shears?

With these top-quality grass shears, you'll enjoy:

  • Precision Edging: Create clean, professional-looking lawn edges with ease.
  • Enhanced Comfort: The ergonomic handle design ensures a comfortable grip for effortless cutting.
  • Reliable Performance: The rust-proof and hardened blades ensure long-lasting use and consistent cutting power.


  • Blade: Bright galvanised, straight-ground

Transform Your Lawn Today

Elevate your lawn care routine and achieve flawless edges with the GARDENA Classic Grass Shears. Don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your lawn. Invest in a tool that delivers both comfort and exceptional results.

Ready to Embrace Beautiful Lawn Edges?

Take the first step towards a well-manicured lawn by adding the GARDENA Classic Grass Shears to your gardening arsenal. With their ergonomic design, powerful cutting performance, and long-lasting durability, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

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Additional Info

The starter shears in top quality.
The GARDENA Classic Grass Shears allow precise lawn edging. The ergonomic shape of the handle allows easy cutting. Thanks to the hardened and bright galvanised blades, the Grass Shears have a long life. They are also rust-proofed. The special blade bearing allows even, powerful cutting over the whole blade length. Through the practical single-handed lock, the Grass Shears can be quickly and easily locked. The warranty period is 25 years.

* Easy cutting
Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the handle, the Grass Shears lie comfortably in the hand and cutting is especially easy.

* Powerful cutting
The special blade bearing allows even, powerful cutting over the whole blade length.

* Long service life
Through the hardened and bright galvanised blades. The Grass Shears are also rust-proofed.


* Blade: Bright galvanised, Straight-ground