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GARDENA Battery 18V/45 P4A - 2.5Ah

R 1,199.00

Empower Your Gardening with GARDENA Battery 18V/45 P4A - 2.5Ah 💪

Experience unmatched performance in your garden with the GARDENA Battery 18V/45 P4A - 2.5Ah. Specifically crafted to amplify the functionality of GARDENA's battery garden tools, this battery packs an incredible punch, providing the robust power you need to transform your green space. Make way for a more efficient and enjoyable gardening experience. 💡🏡

Top-notch Features & Amazing Benefits:

Powerful, Enduring Energy 🌟🔄

This battery isn't just powerful, it's enduring too. The Lithium-Ion cells offer quick charging and an exceptional memory effect, guaranteeing a prolonged battery life. You'll feel a genuine sense of accomplishment knowing you have the reliable power to tackle all your garden tasks. ⏱️🌻

Universal Compatibility 🤝🔧

The battery's 2.5Ah capacity makes it compatible with all GARDENA 18V POWER FOR ALL tools. This remarkable compatibility extends to other tools from participating brands in the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE, giving you an incredible range of options around your home and garden. Say goodbye to the hassle of buying a separate battery for each product! 🛠️🌐

Optimal Weight and Runtime Balance ⚖️⏰

Weighing just right and providing an optimal runtime, this battery is ideal for all handheld tools and lawn mowers. You'll feel the difference in handling, making your gardening tasks a breeze. 🎯🕹️

Invest in the Powerhouse of Gardening Now! 

The GARDENA Battery 18V/45 P4A - 2.5Ah is the perfect ally in your journey to create the perfect garden. Save money, remain flexible and let your passion for gardening thrive, powered by GARDENA. Grab yours now and let your garden feel the power! 

Technical Specifications
* Article No.: 14903-20

PLEASE NOTE: GARDENA batteries and chargers, due to variations in power, power surges, power points, extension cords, and user usage, are sold without any warranties or guarantees.

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