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GARDENA Standard Charger 1810 CV P4A

R 529.00

GARDENA Standard Charger 1810 CV P4A: Charge with Ease and Stay Powered

Unleash the true potential of your GARDENA POWER FOR ALL garden tools with the versatile GARDENA Standard Charger 1810 CV P4A. Designed for compatibility and convenience, this compact charger works seamlessly with all 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries, allowing you to charge and power up without limits.

Features and Benefits:

⚡️ Great Compatibility: The GARDENA Standard Charger 1810 CV P4A is designed to be fully compatible with all POWER FOR ALL system batteries. No more juggling multiple chargers for different batteries. Stay flexible and save money with this universal charger.

🔋 Fast Charging: Charge your 2.5Ah battery in just 154 minutes. The GARDENA Standard Charger 1810 CV P4A ensures that your battery is ready to go whenever you are, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

🔘 LED Display: Stay informed with the LED display on the charger. It indicates the charging status of your battery, whether it's currently charging or fully loaded and ready for use in any of your POWER FOR ALL tools. Enjoy the convenience of a clear visual indicator.

💪 POWER FOR ALL Alliance: This charger is part of the POWER FOR ALL Alliance, a cross-brand battery alliance consisting of leading manufacturers. Benefit from the versatility of using a single charger for all batteries within this alliance. It's a cost-effective and flexible solution that empowers you to create without boundaries.

💚 Passion Powered by GARDENA: The GARDENA Standard Charger 1810 CV P4A is backed by GARDENA's passion for providing exceptional battery garden equipment. Experience the freedom to create and explore your garden with the reliability and performance you can trust.

Upgrade your charging experience with the GARDENA Standard Charger 1810 CV P4A. Enjoy the benefits of compatibility, fast charging, and the convenience of a universal charger. Stay powered and unleash your creativity!

PLEASE NOTE: GARDENA batteries and chargers, due to variations in power, power surges, power points, extension cords, and user usage, are sold without any warranties or guarantees.


Technical Specifications
* Article No.: 14900-20