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GARDENA Quick Charger 1830 CV P4A

R 699.00

GARDENA Quick Charger 1830 CV P4A - Unleash the Power of Your Garden Tools! 

Meet your garden's new best friend: the GARDENA Quick Charger 1830 CV P4A! Designed for all 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries, this rapid charger will breathe new life into your tools in a flash.

⚡ Rapid Charging

Who has time to wait around for a slow charge? The GARDENA Quick Charger will have your 2.5Ah battery fully charged in just 60 minutes. Need to use your tool quickly? No worries - in just 40 minutes, your battery will be 80% charged and ready to go! ⏱️

🚦 Easy-to-Read LED Display

With the integrated LED display, you'll always know exactly how your battery is doing. No more guesswork - just clear, simple indications of your charging status. 🔋

🔁 Universal Compatibility

This isn't just a charger, it's a passport to power for your entire garden! As a member of the POWER FOR ALL Alliance, this charger works with all batteries from participating manufacturers. Say goodbye to a cluttered shed full of different chargers - one size truly fits all here! 🔝

💪 Passion Powered by GARDENA

Discover the freedom of creating the garden you've always dreamed of, powered by GARDENA. Order your GARDENA Quick Charger 1830 CV P4A now and experience the difference for yourself! 🌻


  • Article No.: 14901-20
  • Charging time: 60 minutes (100%), 40 minutes (80%)
  • Compatibility: All 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries
  • Extra Features: Intelligent memory

PLEASE NOTE: GARDENA batteries and chargers, due to variations in power, power surges, power points, extension cords, and user usage, are sold without any warranties or guarantees.

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