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GARDENA Accu Shears Set ComfortCut Li

R 2,569.00

GARDENA Accu Shears Set ComfortCut Li: Transform Your Garden Precision🍃✂️🔋

Unleash the power of perfection with the GARDENA Accu Shears Set ComfortCut Li! An ideal companion for your gardening endeavours, this kit is built for accuracy and finesse, designed to make your lawn edges and topiary work shine with precision.

Experience Multi-Functionality This set is a master of versatility, with its grass and boxwood blade and shrub blade, ensuring a well-groomed appearance for all your horticultural delights.

🖐️ Ergonomic Elegance Our shears feature an ergonomic handle, moulding seamlessly to your hand's natural position. The bendable handle not only promises comfort but also promotes a more accurate cutting experience.

🔋 Powered by Performance The integrated, low-maintenance lithium-ion battery offers dynamic power. Its flexible recharging ability guarantees your shears are always ready for action!

🔄 Swift Blade Change Switch between the grass and shrub shears effortlessly with our tool-free, quick-release blade system. This design ensures your shears adapt as quickly as your gardening needs!

🌟 Superior Quality Blades Our precision-ground, non-stick-coated quality blades guarantee long-lasting performance.

🦒 Tall Tasks Made Easy With the option to attach a telescopic handle and wheels (not included), you can easily cut your lawn edges from an upright stance. Goodbye to bending down for lawn edges!

Revolutionise your gardening routine with the GARDENA Accu Shears Set ComfortCut Li. Enjoy the power of precision, versatility, and comfort that comes with our shears set.

Start your precision gardening journey with GARDENA today! 🛒


Battery specification
* Battery type: Li-Ion
* Battery voltage: 3.6 V
* Battery capacity: 3 Ah
* Charging time approx.: 3.5 h
* Operating time: 80 min

Cutting equipment
* Cutting width: 8 cm

Product dimensions
* Weight: 0.6 kg