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GARDENA combisystem Lawn Rake

R 203.00

Please note: this product does not include a combisystem handle. Handles can be purchased separately - CLICK HERE to view range

Transform Your Gardening with the GARDENA combisystem Lawn Rake! 🍃

Introducing your ultimate companion for all seasons, the GARDENA combisystem Lawn Rake. Whether it's raking up leaves or tidying away grass clippings, this tool is a must-have for every green-fingered enthusiast! Feel the satisfaction as you see your garden transformed in minutes. 🏡

  • 💪 Robust Design: Our lawn rake boasts sturdy tines made of high-quality plastic, perfect for swift, efficient and lawn-friendly work. Experience the feeling of control and effectiveness as you tidy your garden.

  • 🔧 Secure Connection: The combisystem tool is simply inserted into the handle and screwed tight, giving you a 100% wobble-free connection. Feel the assurance of a tight, secure fit that lets you work comfortably.

  • 🔄 Universal Fit: The GARDENA combisystem tools fit all GARDENA combisystem handles. Whether your handle is made of wood or aluminium, or designed to spare your back, we've got you covered.

  • 🌱 Fast and Effective: With sturdy plastic tines and a working width of 43 cm, you can work quickly and effectively. Feel the pleasure of rapid progress as your garden becomes immaculate in no time.

Please note: This product does not include a combisystem handle. Handles can be purchased separately - CLICK HERE to view range

Join the ranks of garden lovers who trust in GARDENA's high-quality tools for their garden care. Take the first step towards an effortlessly beautiful garden with our combisystem Lawn Rake, backed by a 25-year warranty.

Why wait? Let your garden flourish with the GARDENA combisystem Lawn Rake. Add to your cart now!

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Product Specifications
* Use: Raking up leaves and grass cuttings
* Warranty: 25 years
* Working width: 43 cm