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Coir Brick's (5 Pack)

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Unleash the Gardening Magic of Our 5-Pack Coir Bricks! 🌿

Step into a new dimension of gardening and composting convenience with our 5-Pack Coir Bricks. Each 500-600g coir brick is a veritable trove of benefits derived from the husk of the humble coconut. Discover how this all-natural, fibrous material can effortlessly transform your worm composting bin and pot plants into thriving habitats. 🐛🌱

Experience the joy of maintaining a flourishing compost bin with less effort. Savour the satisfaction of watching your seedlings and pot plants thrive in an ideal medium. Marvel at the ease of use and effectiveness of these incredible coir bricks!

Remarkable Features and Enthralling Benefits:

  • 🥥 Purely Natural: No synthetic substances or chemicals to affect your worms or your plants' growth.
  • 💦 Superior Moisture Retention: Maintains an ideal moisture level, avoiding a too dry or too damp environment.
  • 🌬️ Enhances Aeration: Creates beneficial air pockets in the composting mixture and soil, promoting healthy growth.
  • 🪱 Perfect Worm Bedding: Ensures a cosy and comfortable environment for your worms to thrive.
  • 🌱 Excellent Growing Medium: Nurtures seedlings and pot plants, promoting healthy, vigorous growth.
  • 💪 Resilient: Coir holds moisture without becoming hard and compacted, prolonging its effectiveness.
  • 🧱 Convenient Use: Packaged in compact brick form for effortless storage and usage.

Your pack contains 5 Coir Bricks, each weighing between 500-600g. Every brick promises an unbeatable gardening and composting experience.

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