GARDENA Hose Trolley CleverRoll M Metal

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Particularly sturdy and robust Hose Trolley with convenient handling
The GARDENA CleverRoll M Metal is particularly sturdy and robust and is able to withstand even the highest strain in the garden. It enables space-saving storage of the garden hose and is convenient to use. The hose can be reliably rolled up using the ergonomic metal crank with soft plastic components. Due to the foldable foot, it can no longer tip. Its special shape and the visibly high positioning of the wheels can also support the standing security of the Hose Trolley. For space-saving storage, the foot is simply folded, the handle lowered and the crank folded in.
** Please Note: This Hose Trolley does not include the hose or any adapters.

We recommend using the GARDENA Hose Reel Connection Set, to connect GARDENA Hose Trolleys or Hose Reels with the water source -  GARDENA Hose Reel Connection Set Comfort Flex

* Kick&Stand – High standing security
The specially formed fold-out foot guarantees high standing security. This eases the task of watering, as the hose trolley stays in place even when the hose is pulled.

* Highly durable
The sturdy metal reel with a single-part, robust reel disc ensures particularly high durability and stability.

* Foldable, sturdy metal crank handle
Reliable winding and space-saving storage with the foldable metal crank handle with soft plastic components.

* Maximum water flow
The angled hose connection on the inside of the reel prevents the hose from bending. This consistently guarantees maximum water flow.

* No dripping water after use
The anti-drip device prevents water from leaking out after use or while transporting the hose trolley.

* Frost-proof
Innovative frost-resistance for extended durability.

* Frost protection: Yes
* Warranty: 5 years
* Max. capacity: 60m x 13mm (1/2"), 50m x 15mm (5/8"), 35m x 19mm (3/4")