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Tomato Black Krim Seeds

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🍅 The Enigmatic Black Krim: Taste Beyond Appearance! 🍅

Ever heard the saying "Don't judge a tomato by its cover"? Well, the Black Krim Tomato is here to prove that very point. Bursting from the soils of mysterious Crimea, this heirloom beauty might have you second-guessing its appearance, but only until its smoky-sweet symphony dances on your palate.

Why Black Krim? Dive in:

  • Rich Heritage: Bask in the history of an heirloom tomato, lovingly passed down through generations.
  • Unmistakable Flavour: Experience a sweet, smoky taste that stands apart, turning your salads and sandwiches into gourmet delights! 🥗
  • Resilient Grower: Hardy and heat-tolerant, this tomato variety proves it's not just about the looks.
  • Bountiful Size: They're beefsteak in size, promising you a substantial bite every time.
  • Easy Garden Addition: No expert green thumb? No worries! With just a bit of care and staking for support, watch them thrive.

Planting Blueprint:

  • 🌱 For best results, sow during spring or summer, when the temperature is a snug 20°C.
  • ☀️ Sun-lovers alert! Plant them in full sun, spacing them about 60 x 60cm.
  • 🌱 A little patience goes a long way. In 10-14 days, witness germination, as they steadily grow to an impressive 120cm.
  • 🍅 Mouth-watering, ripe Black Krim tomatoes await you in just 80-110 days.

🍴 Dive into a gastronomic adventure with the Black Krim Tomato.


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