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Celery Peppermint Stick Seeds

R 44.00

Celery Peppermint Stick Seeds - Bring the Party to Your Garden!" 🌱🎉

Meet the Celery Peppermint Stick Seeds – a crunchy delight that will have your taste buds singing and your garden looking stellar! Not only will it add a festive flair to your green space, but it will also serve as an exciting, nutritious addition to your culinary creations.

What You're in for: 🌱🍽

  • 🎉Festive Appearance: With red and white striped stems, this variety is like a garden party waiting to happen!
  • 💪🏼Power-Packed: This celery provides an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Talk about a health punch!
  • 🎨Vigorous & Stunning: Not just a feast for the palate, but also a visual treat, the Peppermint Stick Celery is a vigorous and upright plant that steals the show in any garden.

The RAW Seed Promise: 🌱

  • 🥇Tried, Tested & Loved: Our seeds have been given the thumbs-up by the dedicated RAW gardeners.
  • 👌🏼Perfectly Packaged: Weighed and packaged at just the right time for the utmost freshness.
  • 🌞South African Conditions: RAW seeds have been tried and tested specifically for South African conditions. You're all set for gardening success!

Your Journey to Crunchy Goodness: 🌱

  • 🌞Plant these seeds in full sun during spring, summer, or early autumn, with each plant spaced 30 x 30cm apart.
  • ⏰ In just 7-14 days, you'll see the seeds germinate and the plants grow to 25-60cm.
  • 🍴 After 70-90 days, prepare to enjoy your home-grown, health-packed celery.

Bring the Festive Celery Crunch to Your Garden Today! 🎉🌱

Join the crunchy revolution! Dive into the world of colourful celery with our Celery Peppermint Stick Seeds. Transform your garden into a festive paradise and your meals into nutritious feasts. Get your seeds today! 🛒

RAW is the newest addition to the Kirchhoffs family. RAW products are carefully selected for their quality, and they always ensure the seeds are perfectly fresh.
All varietals are tried and tested by the RAW gardeners. The seeds are weighed and packaged at just the right time.

They have sourced traditional heirlooms, as well as unique varieties, that look good and taste even better.
RAW seeds are tried and tested for South African conditions

Growing something is rewarding. Eating it is even better...