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NETA Hose Connector 12mm (½")

R 39.99

NETA 12mm Hose Connector: Your Perfect Watering Partner! 🌱

Introducing the NETA Hose Connector 12mm (½"). Masterfully engineered for the modern gardener, this hose connector is your key to smooth, hassle-free watering. Connect your 12mm garden hose to hose-end accessories with ease and efficiency!

  • 🔄 Effortless Connection: The NETA Hose Connector empowers you to join a 12mm garden hose and hose-end accessories without fuss. It's about making your watering tasks a breeze!

  • 💪 Robust & Resilient: Crafted from UV stabilised materials, this hose connector guarantees robustness and resilience against harsh climates. A worthy investment for every diligent gardener!

  • 🇦🇺 Proudly Australian: As a product of Australia, the NETA Hose Connector boasts superior craftsmanship and quality. Support local industries while enhancing your gardening experience!

  • 🛠️ Standard 12mm Hose Fitting: Specially designed for a standard 12mm hose, the NETA Hose Connector ensures perfect compatibility. It's the harmony your garden needs!

  • 🛡️ 5-Year Neta No-Break Guarantee: We promise a manufacturer’s replacement warranty against faulty workmanship and defective components. We have your back with our 5-year No-Break Guarantee!

NETA Hose Connector 12mm (½") isn't just a tool, it's a gardening companion designed to give you a seamless, enjoyable gardening experience.

Experience the joy of effortless connection with the NETA Hose Connector. Join the NETA community, and let your garden flourish!

Husqvarna provides a manufacturer’s replacement warranty against faulty workmanship in manufacture and/or defective components to the initial purchaser for each new Neta branded products. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, neglect, adjustments and/or modifications by the consumer or normal wear and tear, the costs of shipping and handling, travel expenses, lost time, or pickup and delivery.