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NETA Water Stop 18mm (¾")

R 50.99

NETA Water Stop 18mm (¾"): The Hassle-Free Conversion Solution for Your Garden Hose! 💦

Meet the NETA Water Stop 18mm (¾"), your secret weapon in garden hose convenience. This nifty device lets you fit standard 12mm hose-end accessories to your 18mm garden hose while offering a host of other impressive features.

  • 🔄 Simple Conversion: The NETA Water Stop makes it a breeze to convert your 18mm garden hose to fit standard 12mm hose-end accessories. Experience the satisfaction of hassle-free conversion with a simple device.

  • 💧 Automatic Water Stop: Water flow automatically stops when you remove an accessory like a sprinkler or gun. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that water wastage will never be a problem.

  • ☀️ UV Stabilised Materials: Manufactured using UV stabilised materials to prevent damage from the sun. Feel reassured knowing your Water Stop is durable and ready to withstand any weather conditions.

  • 🏅 Quality Assured: Proudly made in Australia to meet the high standards of modern gardening needs.

  • 🔧 5-Year No-Break Guarantee: Comes with a 5-Year No-Break Guarantee, showcasing our confidence in the product's durability. Feel secure in the knowledge that your purchase is protected.

NETA has been a trusted name in the field of garden watering products and cutting tools since 1947, meeting the needs of practical, modern gardeners across Australia, New Zealand, and now in South Africa.

Upgrade your garden hose now! Add the NETA Water Stop 18mm (¾") to your basket today!

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